Farrow & Ball 

We offer a service to paint your frame to your colour choice 

The Farrow & Ball colour selection is massive and is an ideal way to match your frame to your room colours.

Ayous 91mm

Ayous 85mm

Ayous 84mm


Can be painted, stained or limed. 

Ayous 68mm

Ayous 60mm

Ayous 52mm

Ayous 49mm

Ayous 47mm

Ayous 44mm

Ayous 35mm L1901

Ayous 35mm L1850

Ayous 28mm L2839

Ayous 22mm

Ayous 2omm

12mm L Style for canvas and flat panel L2427

Whole range of sizes available

Ayous 29mm Deep rebate for box framing L2642

Ash Deep rebate L2030

Ash deep rebate L2030

Slips for frames in range of sizes 45mm shown L1691