• Understated beaten metallic textures • Embossed with a slightly distressed texture • Metallic spray finish, topped with a transparent film • Timber: Finger Jointed Pine • Made in Italy


• Traditional gold and silver leaf with a ‘stone’ effect, paired with a matt black paint finish • Hand finished • Timber: Ayous • Made in Italy


• Traditional ‘Napoli’ hand-leafed finish on a gesso base • Each length goes through 22 stages to achieve a subtle ‘stone’ finish • Real Gold Leaf • Made in Italy

• Veneto

Antique leaf finishes • Embossed sight edge, toned with a patina • See also Palazzo • Timber: Ayous


• Heavily distressed gold & silver foils with craqueleur effect on a trafila base • Distressed brushed graphite foil • Timber: Ayous • Made in Italy •