Types of glass

Our range of glass is clearly displayed  to help you decide which glass is suitable for your requirements.


Float 2mm 3mm glass ,Water white float

Reflection control/ Anti reflective

Art Glass 

Styrene (Plastic glass) for safety 


Conservation glass



Float glass

Float glass is available in 2mm or 3mm

Water White float glass helps keep the colours of your picture pure.

Tru Vue

 Reflection Control Glass

With its matte finish, the glass is able to scatter light and diminish unwanted glare. 

Ultra Vue 70

This water white glass offers crystal clear colour transmission and a virtually invisible, anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity whilst providing 70% UV protection to slow deterioration.

This glass is also available with 92% UV protection.

Please ask for details and prices on this glass.  

Art Glass

Conventional picture framing glass typically reflects 8% of incoming light,with Artglass AR, light reflection is as low as 0.5% 

 Artglass AR provides 99% light transmission, making it practically invisible.

Alternative glazing options 

Conservation glazing

Trusted by the world’s most renowned museums, this state-of-the-art glazing boasts a virtually invisible anti-reflective coating .

Plastic glass

Styrene is a low-cost lightweight and shatter-resistant glazing material. Ideal where safety is a consideration


We supply the glass and fit it into a frame.

We do not supply ornate oval frames but cut glass to fit a square or rectangular frame. 

All glass is safety backed - comes with a film attached to the back of the mirror to keep most of the mirror in one piece in case of breakage.

What our customers are saying

 " I  cannot express my thanks and gratitude to Phil & Melody enough for such a fast and fabulous service. You were both so lovely and approachable and the fact you were able to complete the frame in time for my Dad's Birthday made his day. We are both so pleased I cannot tell you how much. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Wonderful service. Thank you again." - 5 stars

Leigh John - Happy customer