Skye' Distressed White & Tan Frame Moulding

Weather-beaten, salvaged style with a deep rebate

- Artisan made in small batches – expect some variation

- Layers of paint revealing a deeper-coloured base

- Timber: Finger Jointed Pine

- Made in Italy


Reclaimed coastal style

• Artfully aged and worn finish in four chalky shades • Heavily distressed vintage profile • Three layers of paint are brushed on by hand for an authentic finish


Laid back vibe

Vivid paint finishes distressed for a laid back vibe.

The timber is  burned, then wired. Layers of paint are applied then heavily buffed to reveal base colours.

Havana Old orange

This range comes in a multitude of colours and in two sizes.

14 x 27 x 10

20  x 50 x 14


Sun-bleached island style 

Distressed coastal-style finishes • Timber: Ayous • Made in Italy

Distressed white.


Romantic style

• Embossed pasta decoration • Distressed paint finish with rich patina to expose base colour and give a brush stroke effect 


• Paint finish over wired woodgrain texture • Timber: Solid Pine • Made in Brazil


• Embossed and heavily distressed antique painted finish • Gilt sight edge • Timber: Ayous • Made in Italy


• Angular profiles with distressed silver foil inner face • Contrasting embossed woodgrain texture with painted finish on outer and back edge