Bare wood

The beauty of natural wood is timeless. Whether left raw, simply waxed or hand-finished with paint, stain or leaf, bare woods are perfect bespoke framing.

We have a massive range of the following bare wood frames from which to choose.

Bare Wood Oak

• Consistent light brown with compact darker brown grain • Can be very hard but will cut and join on professional equipment • Best finished with neutral or coloured waxes or stain 


Very pale brown with heavy darker brown grain • Hard but can be cut and joined on professional equipment • Takes all finishes well. Best with wax or stain to show off the distinctive grain

Bare Wood Black Walnut

• Variable colour from mid brown to an almost smokey, grey brown. Darker, wide grain • Heavy and hard can warp or twist so often supplied in shorter lengths than other woods • Beautiful natural finish so best with just a clear wax •

Bare Wood Cherry

• Pale pink with light brown grain that can vary from straight to swirly in a single length • Best finish with just a clear wax. Unfinished Cherry ages to a beautiful rich red • 

Bare Wood Ayous

• Consistent pale straw colour with even indistinct grain • Medium hardness, easy to work with • Pale colour and indistinct grain make this a very versatile moulding for a wide variety of finishes including hand gilding, coloured waxes and stain and painted finishes 

Bare Wood Pine

• Light brown with a distinctive, wide grain. Southern Yellow Pine is largely knot free • Medium density, easy to work with • Pine has a relatively high resin content so spirit based finishes are most effective