"3 step Framing"

We want to make your picture framing experience as fast, simple, and as efficient as possible. We have devised what we call the 3 step framing process to achieve this.

Each section is labelled clearly to identify your price range,

Good £ Better ££ Best £££

1 - Choose your frame

Everyone is different, and everyone has different tastes. Therefore, we pride ourselves in a  variety of frames from two massive wholesalers.

3 - Choose your glazing

We stock a large range.

Float glass, reflection control, Anti reflective and  art glass. Styrene glass is available to order.

2 - Choose your mount board

Choose a mount from the three complete ranges we stock  Daler, Crescent and  Larson Juhl.

Each range has a massive stock of colours and textures. 


Finally - Quote

After we are sure you are happy with your choice, we can provide you with a printed quote there and then.